The Murder of Isabelle Cowley(4)


It is WAY PAST time we put an end to the #VIPaedo

The Murder of Isabelle Cowley(4)




By DAVID SCOTT  Jul 12, 2011

Rachel Cowley walked off with her child, Isabelle, and drowned her in a burn
Rachel Cowley, 43, cut the ­umbilical cord of Nicola Charles’s newborn son at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness in February.
She then walked off with her own child, Isabelle, and drowned her in a burn.
The mother-of-two told police searching for the girl that no one would
have heard the child screaming. She later confessed to a chaplain while
in hospital and smiled at the end of it.
Cowley, of Shenval, near Drumnadrochit, Inverness-shire, was
charged with murder. But the Crown yesterday accepted her plea to the
reduced charge of culpable homicide on the basis of diminished
The High Court in Edinburgh heard that Cowley and Ms Charles, 26, were both in a relationship with Christopher Everitt, who fathered their children.
A psychologist who later examined Cowley said there was “a degree of anger, jealousy and depersonalisation”.
Advocate depute Alex Prentice QC said: “In his view, given the accused’s
personality, the domestic situation was untenable. The birth of the new
baby brought the whole domestic situation into focus and Rachel
Cowley’s world collapsed. The baby signified a constant tie between Chris Everitt and Nicola Charles.”
He said psychiatrists who examined Cowley believe she has a psychological disorder.
Cowley, a first offender, admitted killing Isabelle in February by forcing her head under water and causing her to drown.
The court heard that Cowley, who has a three-year-old son,
Oliver, and Mr Everitt had lived an alternative lifestyle after moving
from London to Scotland.

Over time a sexual relationship developed which involved the
pair and Ms Charles, whom they met when auditioning for a drumming
After Ms Charles became pregnant she chose Cowley and
Mr Everitt as her birthing partners. Following the birth, Cowley held
the baby and a midwife noticed she seemed tense.
Cowley, originally of Essex, left the ward with Isabelle. She later appeared at a couple’s home in Balloch, near Inverness, in the early hours of February 23 claiming she was lost.
Cowley, who described herself as a yoga teacher and circus and
dance performer, was wearing a boiler suit she had taken from a skip at
the hospital. She ran off when the police were called, but was traced by

The court heard that police asked Cowley if she had hurt the girl. She said: “I think I might have done something to her. I think she might be hurt.”
Mr Prentice said Mr Everitt did not wish to provide a victim impact statement, but added: “He is of the view that the accused requires help and that he and his son have lost two important people from their lives.”
Defence solicitor advocate Murray Macara QC said that all the available evidence pointed to Cowley having been “a loving and caring mother to Isabelle”.
Judge Lord Bannatyne continued the case until September 28, detaining
Cowley in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary’s Orchard Clinic psychiatric unit
before she is sentenced.
Taken frm


A mother who drowned her daughter after
attending the birth of her lover’s baby to another woman has been jailed
for five and a half years. 30/11/11

Full Story Here..

In 2011, the High Court in
Edinburgh heard that when Nicola’s child was born on February 21 that
year, Cowley’s “world collapsed”.

Earlier, the court heard that Cowley and Nicola, 26, were involved in relationships with Christopher, 36 at the same time.
Yoga teacher and former circus performer Cowley and Christopher met in London and later moved to Glenurquhart, Inverness-shire.
They were said to live an “alternative lifestyle with neither of them having a conventional job”.
Christopher met Nicola when auditioning for a drumming circle and she moved into a caravan near where he lived with Rachel.
Within months, the three of them entered a full sexual relationship.
When Nicola fell pregnant, Cowley was said to be “broken and confused”.

Speaking in 2011, Rachel’s brother John said he had never seen his sister be anything other than gentle and loving.

He added: “What happened was unfathomable to me.
“The only explanation is that Rachel was living in a situation that slowly got worse and worse.
“Eventually, she completely cracked to the point of killing a child – her own child at that. That’s not normal human behaviour.”

It’s understood that Christopher and Nicola are now living with their children in Wales.
Full Story Here..



Inverness (nearest city & airport)

Aldourie Castle  (Charlie Sheen)

Inverfarigaig  (current cult)

Boleskine House  (aleister cRowley burnt down 22/12/15)

Frt Augustus Abbey (Savile & Monks)

Urquhart Castle

Shenval (Isabelle Cowley)

Clansman Hotel  (Charlie Sheen Pal)

Round Trip approx 60 miles

Highland woman who killed daughter, after witnessing birth of lover’s baby, found dead.  Rachel
Cowley killed her four-year-old daughter and has now been found
dead. Rachel Cowley killed four-year-old Isabelle in a burn at Raigmore
Hospital on February 23, 2011The 46-year-old was later detained in a psychiatric hospital unit after admitting culpable homicide.

(WildCat.. Presumably New Craigs as it’s only psychiatric unit near. Formally known as Craig Dunain before it burnt 2 ground!!) 

body was found at a property in the Meadowbank area of Edinburgh on
January 6 – just weeks before the fourth anniversary of the shocking
crime. A private funeral was held last week at
Warriston Crematorium. Cowley’s parents, Almha and Hugh, were among those at the service.

She was jailed for five-and-a-half years and received treatment at the Orchard Clinic in Edinburgh.

It is believed she was released last year 

Cowley killed Isabelle just minutes after she cut the umbilical cord of her friend Nicola Charles’ baby boy. Maternity staff noticed that Cowley became subdued after the birth and went into a “trance-like state” for 20 minutes.

The High Court was told the love triangle had driven the former circus performer “out of her mind”. She was also said to have suffered “a degree of anger, jealousy and de-personalisation”.


(WildCat… Rachel Cowley was jailed for 5
& half years on Sept 30th 2011. Which would mean released date
approx March 30th 2017.. Taking in2 account good behaviour,  a rough
guesstimate would be 4yrs? So end of 2015.. Except she was already
released & dead weeks before the 4th anniversary of Isabelles
murder.. which was Feb 2011, 7 months before sentencing on Jan 6th 2015.
 So, when did she get out? And how did she die? & Why does this all
fukin stink??)

LINKS 2 BBC COVERAGE (yeah i know! BBC!!😉)


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2 thoughts on “The Murder of Isabelle Cowley(4)

  1. Rachel’s partner was abusive to her. A violent, cold psychopath. Who treated her cruelly. She never agreed to the three-way relationship and when it happened she got treated like a slave. By both him and his new partner. He was a control freak who messed with her brain and her sanity. She murdered her child as she ran from him. To escape him. How far down a rabbit hole does a victim fall all the way? Some commit suicide in a bid to escape some take their children with them. Is that murder. I think not. Try being abused and you will find out. Her ex is an evil man. Who got away with what he is.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sue agreed. I knew Rachel. Chris took total advantage of her gentle nature and drove her to this. He is a sociopath. Rachel ended up taking her own life. I knew she wouldn’t be able to live with herself after all this. Please get in touch.


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