Tanya Foster/Scott Lucas – Guildford

January 2016

Couple are jailed for causing 21 injuries to 21-month-old baby


couple who caused 21 injuries to a 21-month-old baby who was left with
black eyes, adult hand marks on her face and burn marks on her bottom
were jailed today. 

of Tanya Foster, 24, and Scott Lucas, 27, of Guildford, Surrey, told
the police they were concerned over the pair’s actions towards the baby
between December 2013 and January 2014.

and knocks to the face and body of the baby were first dismissed as
injuries caused by other children during play fights.

But the family organised an intervention and discovered the extent of the child’s injuries while her nappy was being changed.

doctors and plastic surgeons later agreed that the injuries inflicted
could only have been by the hands of an adult and not other children.

They confirmed the assaults could not have occurred through accidental incidents.

grip marks and signs of historic black eyes were discovered on the
baby, who was taken to the hospital. There, the full catalogue of
injuries was revealed.

young child also had two burn marks on her bottom, injuries which
27-year-old Lucas told police were carpet burns caused while playing

Christopher Critchlow dismissed his story and sent both Lucas and
Foster to jail for their roles in causing or failing to prevent the

The couple both admitted one count of causing or allowing serious injury to a child between December 2013 and January 2014.

had finished an abusive relationship with one man before commencing a
romantic relationship with Lucas, a recovering heroin addict, and the
abuse began just weeks after the pair moved in together, the court

Stork, prosecuting, said: ‘There were significant amounts of injuries
and we submit that some are serious in their own and the cumulative
effect of the injuries are serious indeed.

‘This was not accidental, the injuries were inflicted unlawfully.

how visible some were and the pain and distress caused to the child, it
is inconceivable that the other adult did not know what was going on.
They knew and they didn’t prevent it or even try to stop it.

does not matter that one or the other night have inflicted it. They are
both responsible for the suffering that child went through.’

Critchlow, sitting at Guildford Crown Court, added: ‘There were 21
areas of harm on the body of that baby. She had been slapped across the
face and the injuries are all visible on photos taken at the time.
Anyone can see how these injuries were caused.

‘You will both be sentenced as perpetrators of the crime against this poor little defenceless child.

decent human being looking at those photographs and realising how the
baby suffered in pain and distress, will feel anger that she could have
suffered in this way and no-one protected her.

‘With any luck she will not suffer any psychological damage or will not even remember it because of her age.’

Lucas was sentenced to three years imprisonment and Foster to 15 months in custody. 

dressed in a dark blue jacket with her long dark hair swept into a high
pony tail, wept as she was taken from the dock to prison, while family
members shouted in disbelief at the sentences delivered.

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