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Child Abuse Investigators Advised To Be Wary Of Fantasists and Narcissists

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The Nation’s Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse has begun to highlight not only the shocking cases of genuine child abuse which have taken place in England and Wales, but the very real need to address everyone’s part to play in ensuring investigations are fair, thorough and completed properly.

This latest news item, in which Ken Macdonald QC warns the police not to take allegations of child sexual abuse at face value, exposes some unpleasant truths about the way these allegations are being brought to light.

Macdonald goes on to advise that detectives set with the task of investigating child sexual abuse claims which occurred in the distant past, should not indulge “narcissists and fantasists” in the process. At first glance, that seems like a fair comment. The difficulty however, is in the implication that those narcissists and fantasists have been identified and quantified, and that they, in the nuance at least, make…

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Want To Find Out How The Family Court Works? Now You Can.

Researching Reform

This just in.

The folks over at Jordans have set up an event which will be held on Thursday 1st October, at the Civil and Family Justice Centre over in Bristol which looks to explain how the Family Court works. The speaker for the event is HHJ Stephen Wildblood QC, and doors open at 4.30pm. The session will close at 6pm.

The Family Court, or Single Family Court as it is sometimes called, is the umbrella Court for family matters and was given its new name after the most recent set of wide scale family law reforms, which took place last year.

The event is free, and everyone is welcome to attend. You can reserve your place, here. 

Stephen Wildblood QC Stephen Wildblood QC

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