Home Office Blames Woolf for not divulging information about impartiality

cathy fox blog on child abuse

The Home Office have finally released Fiona Woolfs Confirmation of Appointment letter pdf download [3][also see below] from Theresa May dated 17 October 2014, in reply to a Freedom of Information Request [1] . They have also replied to some other questions about the child sexual abuse inquiry pdf download [2] [also see below]

Theresa May’s confirmation letter refers to a letter sent by Woolf to May on October 11th accepting the Chairmanship of the Independent Panel Inquiry. It also refers to a formal letter of appointment with terms and conditions that was enclosed with May’s letter. However this has not been referred to or provided in their reply.

The Home Office offered a perfunctory apology for the reply being 5 months later than it should have been under the FOI Act.



In the other questions answered, the Home Office appear to blame Fiona Woolf for not disclosing anything that would affect her ability or impartiality…

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