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  1. Ben van den Brink @Nirvana_Demi 7h
  2. ,U.K or Morocain ganster team,250.000 euro s reward for proper assitance freeing Demi and Nirvana ,
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    1. SCHOTLAND YARD / FBI / INTERPOL,this we be om all the worlds news shortly,FREE DEMI AND NIRVANA,
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    1. DUTCH POLICE FILTH, this horror is commited by Dutch police officers.
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    1. THIS,sick Dutch cop out of Meerzicht ring ,doing 18 years for killing a schoolgirl, REPORT
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    1. ,These vile bastards in Zoetermeer have abused loads of babys ,We can name 10 today if needed,









    spotlight on abuse: the past on trial

    Labour leader Ed Miliband has made a statement saying that the government should get a move on in setting up a national inquiry into organised child abuse.
    The case now is overwhelming for the Government to get an overarching inquiry into child abuse up and running. We have seen scandals of child abuse in different institutions, in different parts of the country and stretching across different decades. An overarching inquiry has been delayed too long and needs to get moving as fast as possible to start listening to all those who have been let down by a system set up to protect them.” (BBC News)
    This is in sharp contrast to the condescending and evasive reply that Ed Miliband’s office gave to a handwritten letter from Peter McKelvie demanding a national inquiry, which referred to an open letter to David Cameron (see below). The reply sounds like it’s discussing a complaint about roadworks, instead of decades of horrific child abuse and subsequent cover-ups by people in authority.
    Miliband’s main interest in supporting an inquiry at this late stage seems to be political expediency, after Labour-run Rotherham council has been shown to have allowed 1400 vulnerable children to have been abused, raped, and exploited over a 16 year period.
    Dear Mr. Cameron
    On the very day, 24th October 2012, that Tom Watson asked you a PMQ re. the possibility of a link between a very large and highly organised paedophile ring and No 10, you made a number of quotes to the mainstream media.
    You were in fact referring to the Savile/BBC/NHS scandal.
    I made a note of some of those quotes :-
    ”The Government will do all it can do, other institutions must do what they can do, to make sure that we learn the lesson of this and it can NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN”
    “Collusion should NEVER happen again ”
    ”The measure of how our society is, is how we treat its most vulnerable members”
    There are no more vulnerable members of our society than children who have been taken in to care and then re-abused by the very people charged with the responsibility of caring for them and protecting them,and even worse then passing them on to be further abused by the very people who make the laws in this country and are expected to lead the way on the moral compass of that society.
    I have no doubt that you have watched or been made aware of Channel 4′s Dispatches on 12th September and the allegations that arose from it regarding the role of senior politicians, the security services and the Crown Prosecution Service in covering up the horrendous abuse carried out by Cyril Smith over 5 decades.The overlap with Savile in terms of who knew about this abuse were laid bare.
    I also have no doubt that you are aware that your colleagues in your party, Edwina Currie,Gyles Brandreth and Rod Richards have made very damning statements of how well known in Westminster circles it was that Peter Morrison was a dangerous paedophile, and yet his career was unaffected as he rose to be Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party, Mrs. Thatcher’s PPS in 1990 and her campaign manager that same year despite this knowledge having been around for many years.
    I also have no doubt that you are aware of the statement of Tim Fortescue,Edward Heath’s Chief Whip from 1970-73, made public on Michael Cockerell’s BBC Documentary in 1995 called “Westminster’s Secret Service “.
    Talking about the role of the chief whip, Fortescue said ” For anyone with any sense who was in trouble would come to the whips and tell them the truth ………….. it might be erm erm a scandal involving small boys ……….. we would do everything we can because we would store up brownie points ……. and if I mean, that sounds a pretty,pretty nasty reason, but it’s one of the reasons because if we could get a chap out of trouble then,he will do as we ask forever more.”
    I don’t need to tell you of the revulsion I feel towards our political masters having worked with sexually abused children for over 30 years when I heard of how the Whips ran the Dirt Book system.
    Your colleague, John Whittingdale, in his role as Chair of the Culture Committee,put himself forward as the moral voice of Parliament in the days following the exposure of Savile on national TV.
    He lost no opportunity to appear on every news channel for many days to demand in effect the head of the Director General of the BBC.To date I have not heard you or Mr. Whittingdale demand such investigations in to your own institution despite the mountain of concern a small proportion of which I have referred to above.
    Just on Savile alone without looking any further why was there no investigation along the lines of the many BBC inquiries in to why a British Prime Minister was so close to Savile that he allegedly attended 13 consecutive New Year’s Eve parties at Chequers and why the same Prime Minister allegedly persevered for many years in insisting that such an evil man long identified as having a deviant sexual history should get a knighthood,ignoring the advice of her closest advisers.
    Why was the same man so welcome in Prince Charles’s properties despite the security services and similar vetting institutions having enough opportunity to tap in to the ” gossip” about Savile that was around for decades.
    I would dearly like to go in to more detail but until the Metropolitan Police’s Operations Fernbridge and Fairbank are completed then for obvious reasons I can not.
    In the aftermath of the Lord McAlpine affair I was extremely disappointed by the confusion you attempted to create by making accusations of gay witch-hunts. There is no connection whatsoever between being gay and being a paedophile.
    This is about and only about people who abuse young children regardless of whether the abuser is heterosexual or gay.
    There is no witch-hunt against gay people and it was most irresponsible for a Prime Minister to make such a statement when the abuse of our most vulnerable was the issue.
    Now is the time for you to show the genuine commitment expected of a Prime Minister and do what you preached in those statements last October especially ” COLLUSION SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN ” and the demand that ALL institutions look inwards and examine their role in past collusion/cover up.
    A starting point, and to give Parliament and Government any credibility in this heinous historical scandal, is for you to put all party political considerations aside and arrange an urgent meeting with Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband to draw up a blueprint as to how your own institution will be investigated along the lines of the way you and colleagues demanded that people be brought to account in the BBC or NHS for their failure to blow the whistle on Savile.
    It would be better if you led such an exercise before it is forced upon you by public demand.
    The latter will happen in time.
    A starting point would be an immediate statement that there will be urgent cross-party talks to set up an independant body to examine who ordered these cover ups of people like Smith and Morrison, after ordering an immediate Police investigation by the National Crime Agency and ensuring that the latter body has sufficient resources to go wherever the evidence takes them and however long it takes. This must include the investigation of living politicians, police officers,civil servants,security services personnel etc.
    Yours sincerely,
    Peter McKelvie


    EXCLUSIVE: Groomed girls let down by officials refusing to act

    CHILD protection officials in Scotland’s largest city repeatedly vetoed a Rotherham-style inquiry into grooming gangs despite damning evidence that dozens of vulnerable youngsters were being targeted for sex.

    Published: Sun, August 31, 2014

    news, scotland, alex salmond, independence, referendum, pound, grooming, rotherham, sex, NHS, healthOperation Cotswold identified at least 26 victims, in 2011, who had been groomed [PH]

    Donald Urquhart, the independent chair of Glasgow’s Child Protection Committee, and other senior officials decided not to seek a Significant Case Review despite a direct plea from health board colleagues.
    The former Strathclyde Police force launched a major probe, called Operation Cotswold, in 2011, which identified at least 26 victims – many from children’s homes – who had been groomed for sexual exploitation and prostitution.
    These findings were then incorporated into a larger investigation, called Operation Dash, involving 12 local authorities and four NHS health boards across the west of Scotland. Many further victims are thought to have been identified.
    Operation Dash is still ongoing, with 21 individuals reported to the Crown Office so far and “live ongoing criminal proceedings in a number of cases”.
    Senior officers have said a “significant proportion” of those identified in the two operations were from ethnic minority communities.
    Last November, Detective Chief -Inspector Norrie Conway gave an update on both probes to a meeting of Glasgow’s multi-agency Child Protection Committee (CPC).
    Jean Herbison, vice-chair of the CPC and consultant paediatrician at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, advised the meeting that the findings must go to a Significant Case Review (SCR) panel.
    However, Mr Urquhart said he and the SCR independent chair Colin Anderson, a former chief social work officer at Midlothian Council, “were agreed that Op Cotswold was not suitable for an SCR” as “it had clearly been superseded by Operation Dash”.
    The minutes state: “DU further -noted that he was aware that Health colleagues were still of the opinion that the case should be referred for SCR and had informed Chief Officers to this effect. Chief Officers agreed that the ultimate decision should be taken by the CPC chair.”
    Susanne Millar, on behalf of Social Work Services, said “they could not identify the benefit to be gained from further analysis of this piece of work and the priority should be Operation Dash. This is also a view shared by Education”.
    Paul Harkness, from the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration, “also noted that he did not believe there was any merit in an SCR”.
    Ms Herbison responded by saying she still had concerns and that “she wanted the issue returned to the Chief Officers and that she would raise this with the NHS Chief Officer”.
    The issue was also raised at two more multi-agency child protection meetings in Glasgow, in October last year and February this year, and the health board’s request for an SCR was noted and declined on both occasions. Ms Herbison, who works at the city’s Yorkhill children’s hospital, also warned separately in an earlier email that valuable information could be lost unless detailed reports into the Cotswold cases were presented.
    She said the move was “critical to future improved early interventions for victims as well as bringing the perpetrators to justice”.
    In a further damning twist, minutes from a previous meeting of the Glasgow CPC in March 2013 said the findings from Operation Cotswold would be presented to the SCR panel “hopefully relatively quickly”.
    In 2012, a review of UK-wide strategies prepared by Cardiff City Council said: “Strathclyde Police recognise that children in care homes are being targeted for sexual exploitation via indoor and street prostitution. Operation Cotswold focused on tackling this.”
    Significant Case Reviews take place after a child dies or is seriously injured and abuse or neglect is known or suspected, or when an accumulation of incidents gives rise to serious concerns about professional lack of involvement.
    There may well be sensitivities about dealing with racial issues, but, ultimately, it is about social work being concerned about the protection of a child
    Glasgow City Council spokesman
    The revelation comes days after a damning report into the sexual exploitation of at least 1,400 young girls in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.
    Professor Alexis Jay, ironically, a former chief social work adviser to the Scottish Government, was commissioned to launch an investigation by the local council in October last year.
    She presented detailed findings last week into the vile abuse that had continued in the town between 1997 and 2013. It slated the council’s social work, police and other agencies for failure to protect the victims of a mainly Pakistani rape network, partly due to fears of being branded racist.
    Similar gangs are thought to operate in many towns and cities across the UK, including north of the Border.
    Last year, Assistant Chief Constable Malcolm Graham told MSPs at Holyrood: “In two large-scale investigations in Scotland, a significant proportion of the identified perpetrators were from ethnic minority -communities.”
    In May 2012, another probe was launched after a 16-year-old Glasgow girl claimed to have been raped and abused by up to 60 members of a predominantly Asian sex gang.
    Later that same year, ethnic minority charity Roshni warned that vulnerable white girls were being targeted for sexual exploitation in the city.
    Using evidence from more than 100 public officials and ethnic community leaders, the charity’s report said: “Several respondents wanted to emphasise that the girls who congregate on the streets late at night tend to be white.
    “Therefore more needs to be done to protect these vulnerable children and identify why they are vulnerable, rather than heavily focussing on the race of their abusers.”
    It also claimed that support services struggled to “engage on this issue for fear of being branded racist”.
    Last night, Detective Chief Superintendent Lesley Boal of Police Scotland said both Cotswold and Dash had resulted in a number of arrests and convictions, with other cases under investigation.
    When the Scottish Sunday Express contacted Glasgow City Council on Friday, a spokesman said they had robust systems in place to detect, prevent and respond to suspicions.
    He added: “In Rotherham, it appears there was a well-meaning desire not to be seen to be racist, but that backfired massively on them. In Glasgow, we see every case on its merit. There may well be sensitivities about dealing with racial issues, but, ultimately, it is about social work being concerned about the protection of a child.
    “We are doing what we can to keep children safe. Who knows what is out there with the level of cunning and secrecy that exists, but, when information and suspicions are put forward, we can act to protect children.”
    A council spokeswoman said later in a separate statement: “It was felt by the majority of people attending the Child Protection Committee meeting that Serious Case Review was not the most appropriate way to evaluate this operation and that an actions learning approach was adopted with many multi-agency meetings held that reviewed Operation Cotswold in detail.
    “These lessons learned have influenced and continue to influence our current approach and practices in child protection. Far from getting lost in the system our social work services continue to work with a number of young people identified through Operation Cotswold.”


    Scottish law reporter

    Thursday, July 10, 2014

    EXPOSED: The Court of Session Clerk who downloaded child porn & whispered in the ears of Scotland’s top judges

    Court of Session was workplace of clerk who admitted downloading child porn. A HIGH COURT clerk & close confidante of Scotland’s top judges in the Court of Session has admitted downloading child porn images while he was employed by the Scottish Court Service. Donald Bruton, who resigned from the Scottish Court Service after child pornography was discovered on his computer pleaded guilty to downloading the indecent images between July 24, 2011, and October 3 last year.
    This latest case involving a figure close to Scotland’s judges on charges of child porn is one of many instances were staff working at the Scottish Court Service (SCS) and even prosecutors at the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) have been linked to the downloading of, and in some cases distributing child porn images. However, not all cases have resulted in prosecutions …
    The Daily Mail reports:
    By Victoria Allen Daily Mail
    A HIGH Court clerk yesterday admitted downloading indecent images of children.
    Donald Bruton was forced to resign from his post at the Court of Session and the High Court after child pornography was discovered on his laptop.
    He was found with indecent pictures of young girls aged ten to 15, three images being of the most serious ‘level five’ type.
    Bruton, 60, was arrested after the laptop was discovered at his home in Joppa, Edinburgh, and appeared last October at the city’s sheriff court, where he had to face his colleagues. He resigned from his job soon afterwards.
    Yesterday, at the same court, he pleaded guilty to downloading the indecent images between July 24, 2011, and October 3 last year.
    Fiscal Depute Aidan Higgins told the court police had received intelligence about Bruton’s actions.
    They went to the home he shared with his wife and two adult sons on October 3 last year. On being told the reason for their visit, the clerk directed them towards the laptop.
    Mr Higgins said: ‘He told the police he had been downloading these images of children for some time out of curiosity and had taken to searching for indecent images.’
    Bruton worked with some of Scotland’s most senior judges, particularly on commercial cases.
    He was responsible for the daily running of proceedings at the Court of Session, which holds complex and high-value cases including divorce and libel actions.
    The clerk formerly worked on criminal cases at the High Court in Edinburgh and Edinburgh Sheriff Court. He was also a member of the Edinburgh Budgerigar Association, where he served as treasurer, secretary and publicity officer.
    Bruton had 16 pictures – four at level one in the scale of child pornography, one at level two, four at level three and four at level four. There were three at level five – the worst rating, which includes sadism and bestiality.
    Defence solicitor Mark Harrower told Sheriff Alistair Noble his client has no previous convictions.
    Sheriff Noble deferred sentence until August 5 for a social work report and continued Bruton’s bail. He has also been placed on the Sex Offenders Register.
    The Scottish Courts Service refused to comment after he was arrested as the case was active.
    Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont said: ‘It is wrong and inexcusable for anyone to access images such as this. But when it is someone working in such a senior position within the law, it seems to become more shocking.’
    Alison Todd, chief executive of Scots charity Children 1st, which has campaigned for tougher sentences for paedophiles, said: ‘Child pornography is not a victimless crime. Every image is evidence of achild suffering abuse from which they may never fully recover.’


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    Police failing to investigate crimes, says official watchdog

    Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary publishes reports on the “integrity” of crime figures – and finds some serious problems

    Officers allowed their own opinions to cloud their decision-making process over whether a report of rape should actually be recorded as a crime, the inquiry found.

    Officers allowed their own opinions to cloud their decision-making process over whether a report of rape should actually be recorded as a crime, the inquiry found. Photo: Alamy

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    Police are failing to investigate crimes and ignoring victims of rape and violent attacks because forces are still not recording crime properly, official watchdogs have warned.
    A series of reports on 21 forces across England and Wales exposed serious shortcomings in the way police handle allegations reported to them by members of the public.
    Amid widespread concern that some forces have been “fiddling” the crime figures, the new data showed that several forces failed to record one third of crimes reported to them.
    Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) also found that in some forces had erroneously recorded up to 45 per cent of incidents recorded as “no crimes” – meaning no investigation took place and offenders were not brought to justice.
    HMIC inspectors examined samples of crime reports in each force over 12 months to October 2013, and then made their own decision on whether a crime should have been recorded, based on the facts.
    An analysis of the data by The Telegraph showed:
    One in five crimes reported to the 21 forces – or 20.3 per cent – were not recorded by police, reflecting the findings of an interim report published by the HMIC earlier this year.
    West Yorkshire police failed to record 97 crimes out of 284 identified by HMIC, or 34 per cent, while Northamptonshire missed 44 out of 133, or 33 per cent.
    Seven other forces – Cheshire, Cleveland, Greater Manchester, Gwent, Hertfordshire, South Yorkshire and Suffolk – failed to record 25 per cent or more of the crimes identified by HMIC.
    Among “no crime” decisions by forces, Cleveland was found to have the largest proportion of incorrect “no crime” incidents with 38 out of 84, or 45 per cent, followed by Cheshire with 29 out of 71, or 41 per cent.
    Inspectors found that Cheshire’s recording of rape was “not acceptable”.
    Officers allowed their own opinions to cloud their decision-making process over whether a report of rape should actually be recorded as a crime, the inquiry found.
    “Reality testing revealed inconsistencies, and the use of opinion rather than additional verifiable information within the decision making,” the report said.
    “There is some evidence that issues such as mental health and alcohol dependency can influence the investigative process negatively, and in some instances delay or even stop the recording of a crime. This is not acceptable.”
    Greater Manchester Police was also criticised for the way it handled rape.
    “Failures were primarily attributed to the interpretation of additional verifiable information, with those victims suffering with mental health, those young of age or intoxicated more likely to receive a poor service,” it said.
    Simon Danczuk, the Rochdale MP, said: “For some time now I’ve had concerns about Greater Manchester Police not taking rape seriously, particularly when the victims are young, vulnerable and less able to argue their case.
    “This report acknowledges that these people ‘are more likely to receive a poor service’ and this is simply not good enough. What this effectively means is that vulnerable children are being fobbed off and not treated seriously.”
    He added that changes demanded by HMIC should be “implemented without delay”.
    A series of whistleblowers have disclosed how crime figures are manipulated by forces, and earlier this year official crime figures were given a health warning over concerns about their accuracy.


    Petitioned Kernow CCG

    This petition was delivered to:
    Kernow CCG

    Please bring my son back home #BringJoshHome

      1. Phill Wills
      2. Petition by
        Cornwall, United Kingdom

    August 2014


    Ever since Josh went away from our home, we never stopped believing that he would one day return. Never gave up.
    It is with great pleasure that I can tell you all that Cornwall have agreed a local provider which means that Josh will be coming home to Cornwall!
    We’ve seen the house, which is just a short drive away from both Sarah, myself and our families. Josh will finally get to meet his little sister and once again play with his other siblings. I can’t wait for that moment.
    So what happens now?
    The new providers and carers will travel every week to Birmingham to get to know Josh, with the help of his present team and us. Transition will take time to make sure everything is right for Josh. Our big hope is that he will be home in Cornwall for Christmas.
    Our gratitude to each and every one of you who signed the petition is hard to put into words. Please know that every signature was instrumental in the process to #BringJoshHome.
    Now we can start to look forward to settling Josh in his new home, being able to tuck him in and kiss him goodnight.
    Thank you!

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