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Birmingham sex abuse teacher Phillip Evans sentence cut

Phillip Evans Phillip Evans was jailed after admitting charges of sexual assault, voyeurism and making indecent images of children

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A teacher who secretly recorded himself sexually assaulting boys at a public school has had his sentence cut.

Phillip Evans, 39, who taught music at King Edward’s School in Edgbaston, was jailed for 44 months at Birmingham Crown Court in December.

The court heard he set up spy cameras in changing rooms and he admitted charges of sexual assault, voyeurism and making indecent images of children.

His sentence has been cut to 32 months after a hearing at the Court of Appeal.

A written judgement explaining the decision is expected to be delivered in the next few weeks, the court said.

In December, police said Evans, previously of Warwards Lane, Selly Oak, had “amassed 350,000 indecent images of children over four years”.

Evans, who also ran the school’s RAF cadet scheme, installed a camera in a store cupboard where he would physically abuse boys.

Detectives said Evans had also bought tiny remote-controlled cameras and hidden them in changing rooms to record pupils as they got ready for sports.

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31/08/2014 12:03:18
Andrew Buchan
13/6 Harrismith Place
United Kingdom
0131 476 0038
I have sent same letter with a file links that were
forgotten in the first letter, here are the missin
I am having a great deal of difficulty getting corr
upt police officers and former and current child
care staff charged with criminal offenses relating
directly to child sex abuse and interfering with
the course of Justice.
I have video evidence that clearly shows a Police o
fficer admitting that his colleagues lied to cover
up the where about of a child abuser and other paed
ophiles in local authority care and health
services in the Grampians Region of Scotland.
My Councillor Angela Blacklock has admitted that wh
at I experienced is actually happening a lot.
Yet she has seen fit to do nothing about it and has
subsequently had me charged with breach of
the peace for publicizing these facts.
I am requesting of you to intervene on my behalf an
d others affected by historical child sex abuse
and unethical human drug trials in care and communi
ty settings.
I would also like to draw your attention to the sam
e whilst I was illegally employed by the French
Government as a child soldier and subject to druggi
ng beatings and rapes whilst in their services. I
was also subject to death threats and actual attemp
ts for speaking of child rapes and murders by
service men whilst I served with the 3rd Regiment E
trangere D’Infanterie at Quartier Forget
Kourou French Guyana in South America.
I have also travelled to Strasbourg and the court t
o investigate what was happening to a case I had
lodged due to the fact that corruption here in Scot
land is so overwhelming and Racist towards

poor and emotionally destitute victims of State and
Religious Child Sex abuse and Unethical
Human Drug Trials. I found the same level of racism
towards uneducated victims of state and
religious apparatus there as exists here throughout
Scotland. Karen Reid claimed to know me or of
me personally from many years before which concerne
d me greatly.
I have attempted to get help from all of my other M
EP’s and MP’s and MSP’s but they too are
refusing to assist.
Here are links to online evidence storage accounts
that I have. These documents and video will
show the level of corruption is terminal here in Sc
This first video shows a Detective Inspector Kevin
Walker admitting that the officers DC’s Bonner
and Brown admitted to the charges I wished to bring
against them, yet I am still unable to bring
charges against them and other corrupt officials in
Grampians Region and throughout Scotland.
Morrell still works at the same children’s home whe
re he abused me and others,
and still is working there despite James Moir a for
mer resident corroborating my statement.
Corruption in Law firms
Aberdeenshire Council has closed ranks and
not dealt with this complaint and Jacquie Clayton a
nd Vincent Gill talked me out of making this
complaint in the first place until they said , had
set things up and they have to be right for us.
Here are documents showing my frustration and the r
efusal of COPFS to handle my case lawfully
and they keep hiding behind another complaint that
I did not word correctly because i was
misinformed due to lack of accurate information.
Services for male adult and child victims of LGBTQI
and heterosexual female pedophiles and adult
rapists are nil here in Scotland. What exists seems
only to take contributions to sit and read off
numbers to forward us to other services that do the
same and take contributions from Scottish UK
and European Parliaments and Philanthropists for no
service at all other than a passing us on.
There is a lot of female sexist bigotry in Scotland
and Europe.
My niece has tried to help me cope with the confusi
ons and damages caused by the abuses as a
child and adult but now she no longer available for
me to speak with.
Care services for adults also sexually exploit vict
ims of CSA making money keeping us quiet as do
the NHS.

The COPFS has also refused to view video and audio
evidence of officers breaking the law and deal
with the matters raised unless they fit with a prot
ocol that clearly excludes me and many others. A
photo from my servitude in the French Army.
I was exploited by Partners in Advocacy and AdvoCar
d. They undermined my case and worked
closer with Police and other offenders than they di
d provide a service for victims.
ELREC have also discriminated against me despite pr
omising support and Open Secret “IS” run by
bigoted people.
I want these issues raised and I am not going to le
t this go away and when I die, as we all do all
that I have in way of evidence will be left for all
victims to finish my work and help finish theirs.
Yours sincerely,
Andrew Buchan
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Barnardo’s warn Govt: Don’t drag heels on historic abuse inquiry

Release Date: 28 Aug 2014

Barnardo’s is today repeating its call on the Government to announce a new chair of its Inquiry into the failure of institutions to protect children from sexual abuse.

The call follows revelations that from the mid-1990s there was clear failure of local authority and police leadership to respond to concerns about child sexual exploitation in Rotherham.
Barnardo’s Chief Executive Javed Khan said:

News that the police and local authority in Rotherham ignored children’s cries for help, discarded evidence and arrested victims should act as a wake-up call to the Government.

Alexis Jay’s report lays bare a shocking culture of indifference to abuse that has scarred the lives of some of the UK’s most vulnerable children.

This is not just a bleak page in a history book. Barnardo’s works with 2,000 sexually exploited children every year. We are the largest provider of sexual exploitation services and continue to set new ones up. At present we operate in 35 locations. We know that what was uncovered in Rotherham is but the tip of the iceberg.

Institutions must do everything they can to tackle child abuse, past, present and future. The country has waited for two months since Baroness Butler Sloss stood down as chair of the Inquiry. Despite claims of ‘not hanging around’ to name her successor, the government has still to tell us who will lead the inquiry and what its remit will be.

The government cannot drag its heels any longer. It needs to get this inquiry off the ground so we can start to hear the voices of silenced children.”



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The mysterious Rotherham child-abuse scandal

RotherhamSouth Yorkshire PoliceCliff and SavileHilllsboroughPaedo Ring Number 10Patrick Rock ArrestNaughty Leon BrittanTheresa MayNo action JannerBlair Cover UpGreville JannerCharles and SavileDavid Cameron
The shocking scale of child-abuse against vulnerable white girls in Rotherham has been exposed.
The abuse was carried out by vile Asian gangs who preyed on the youngsters whilst they were in care.
Girls were subjected to extreme violence when they tried to speak out about their suffering.
South Yorkshire Police, along with the council and local politicians, have been accused of a massive cover-up lasting over 16 years.
By a strange coincidence, just days before the controversial report was released, South Yorks Police took part in a ‘botched’ raid on Cliff Richard’s home, which drew widespread criticism from the media.
Was the raid planned to coincide with the report in order to show the police in a negative light and cast doubt on their ‘evidence’ about Cliff?
South Yorkshire Police were also involved in the disgusting lies and accusations surrounding innocent fans who died in the Hillsborough football stadium tragedy.
Shortly before Parliament’s summer recess, Theresa May and David Cameron were under increasing pressure to open an inquiry into VIP paedophile-rings operating within the UK.
May conveniently appointed Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, to head the inquiry, knowing full-well that she had a tarnished past and would never be accepted by abuse victims and campaigners.
As planned, the inquiry was shelved for the foreseeable future, which has allowed Mi5 much-needed time to concoct one of their notorious smoke and mirrors cover-ups and ensure that no high-ranking politicians or members of royalty are exposed as paedophiles.
The Rotherham scandal has given the British public a new focus to vent their anger on.
After all, it’s certainly much more palatable to have immigrants and foreigners to blame for paedophilia, instead of having to face the horrifying fact that our children are also being raped by the cream of British Society.
The scandal has also managed to take the pressure off Leon Brittan and Greville Janner, who were both in the spotlight due to historic rape allegations resurfacing.
The security services in this country are desperately hoping they can keep a lid on the true scale of Britain’s paedophile rings for as long as possible.
By only exposing Asian gangs ( who may ironically be employed by them in the first place), Mi5 and their pals in the media are falsely turning this into a race -issue when it’s much more serious than that.
Thousands upon thousands of British children have been, and are still being, abused every single day in this shit-hole of a country, on a monumentally widespread and organised scale.
Many of these children are also murdered.
The abuse is perpetrated by royals, judges, MP’s, Lords, solicitors, members of the police and armed forces, showbiz stars and businessmen, to name but a few.
The Rotherham scandal was disgusting and it’s filthy perpetrators deserve everything that’s coming to them, but by focussing so heavily on one particular ring, remember this.
At this very moment, many high-ranking paedophiles are laughing their heads off because they’ve managed to evade justice whilst we’ve become distracted.
And that’s exactly the way Mi5 want it.
Of course, if they think we’ll stop fighting for the truth to be uncovered after all these years though, they’re even thicker than we thought.
The battle isn’t over yet you murderous, traitorous, paedophilic scum.
It hasn’t even f*****g begun.

HOLLIE GREIG HOAX ?Dutch police covering up Kidnapping and Abuse Report this please

Dutch police covering up Kidnapping and Abuse ,Report this please


De commissie samson oordeelde in 2011 dat de daders vervolgd moesten worden





Nu 2014 ,nog steeds illegaal uit huis geplaatst en misbruikt en illegaal verblijvend in een POLITIE BLIJF VAN MIJN LIJF HUIS IN MEERZICHT ZOETERMEER. 


Een van deze zaken was Demi en Nirvana van den Brink,de commissie samson was van oordeel dat er genoeg bewijs was voor vervolging van daders.


Dit inzake het misbruik door Opa en Oma ,waarover wij als gezin aan de bel trokken,maar ook het door ons gemelde misbruik op het O.C.K Het Spalier in Zandvoort

was de commissie van mening dat er vervolging moest plaats vinden.

Men kon niks want Demi en Nirvana bevinden zich in een totaal illegale uit huis plaatsing ,op een vals aangemaakt politie adres in Meerzicht Zoetermeer.
Dat soort zwarte misbruik circuit op een vals aangemaakt adres kan de inspectie jeugdzorg ook moeilijk onder de loep gaan nemen. 

Dit al in 2011,en spraken wij 2 rechercheurs op het politie bureau in Haarlem voor slechts 30 min,wij gaven ook een foto met twee politie agenten daarin te zien die beiden betrokken waren bij misbruik van kinderen op het O.C.K Het Spalier.

Geen toeval ,een rechercheur De Ruijter die wij spraken stond ook Marcel Vervloesem ter woord ten tijde van de afgedekte Zandvoort Files.83.000 afbeeldingen van ongekende horror en baby misbruik. 

Afgedekt en nu enkele jaren later zijn Demi en Nirvana nog steeds in handen van pedo politie agenten in een totaal illegale uit huis plaatsing en ondervinden misbruik.

Zonder geldige machtigingen uit huis plaatsing,
Zonder geldige indicatie besluiten,


Mevr Samson-Geerlings was ook in het bestuur van twee kinderinstellingen ,De Dreef (justitie) en Zetten maar was ook officier van justitie.  

Nu tijd om herrie te gaan maken,schandalige,misbruik en ontvoering van onze dochters Demi en Nirvana enkel gaande gehouden door enkele pedo politie agenten en jeugdbeschermers. 



Samson stuurt 42 misbruikzaken naar justitie

Er zijn 42 gevallen van seksueel misbruik in de jeugdzorg overgedragen aan het Openbaar Ministerie. Dat meldt de Commissie Samson, die het misbruik heeft onderzocht en maandag de resultaten presenteert.

De commissie stelt vast dat de sector en overheid eerst geen notie hadden van de gevolgen van het het misbruik. Later was er een gebrek aan durf en professionaliteit om de zaken aan te pakken. Werkers in de jeugdzorg signaleren ook nog geen 2 procent van de gevallen.
In de opleidingen ontbreekt het onderwerp seksuele ontwikkeling en afwijkend gedrag. Eenmaal aan het werk is er geen tijd voor de kwestie ingeruimd. Omdat er zoveel en volgens de commissie soms te veel instanties en functionarissen zijn, voelt niemand zich verantwoordelijk en neemt niemand de regie in de afhandeling van (vermoedens) seksueel misbruik.
Volgens de commissie zijn er twee soorten misbruikers naar voren gekomen. Ten eerste zijn er leeftijdsgenoten die kinderen in de pleeg- of jeugdzorg misbruiken. Zij vormen meer dan de helft van de daders. Het gaat dan vaak om kinderen van een jaar of 15 die in dezelfde omstandigheden zitten en dezelfde soort problemen hadden. Ook komt het af en toe voor dat een pleegbroer een kind misbruikt. Veelal kampen deze kinderen met een ontwikkelingsachterstand.
Daarnaast zijn er volwassen daders, die volgens de commissie meestal meer dan gemiddeld intelligent zijn en niet eerder werden veroordeeld voor een zedenmisdrijf. Ook is bij deze plegers, gemiddeld 37 jaar, zelden sprake van pedofilie, aldus het onderzoek. Het misbruik is meestal van opportunistische aard; de gelegenheid maakt de dief, stelt de commissie. Door deze kenmerken is het moeilijk om vooraf te screenen en eventueel misbruik te voorkomen.
Een ‘niet onaanzienlijk deel’ van de daders is vrouw. Meisjes zijn vaker het slachtoffer dan jongens.

Bron: ANP/ANP-Photo/Roos Koole
door ALEXANDRA SWEERS 8 okt 2012
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