Big Brother is Watching You… and now it gets really scary

By seagullnic

I HAVE just read the most disturbing news item I have come across in a long time.

I am beyond shocked… I am frightened for my children and my grandchildren

I cough and allow my mind to drift to a peaceful place sitting in the summer sunshine on the north side of the Isle of Jura watching the sea wash white horses on the rocks below me.

Less than 300 yards to the south of where I am sitting is the isolated cottage known as Barnhill… this was the rented home of writer George Orwell, who lived there intermittently from 1946 until his death in 1950. Orwell completed his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four while living there.

It was a place I visited often during my two years living and working as a newspaper editor in the wilds of Argyll, in western Scotland, some 28 years ago.

Barnhill always held a fascination for me, because Nineteen Eighty-Four had remained my favourite novel since I was first mesmerised by Orwell’s vision of a future dystopian world as a raw 14-year-old. And I loved to imagine the views he must have taken in while writing that classic of English literature.

First published in 1948, yet set 36 years later, Nineteen Eighty-Four tells the story of Winston Smith is a member of the Outer Party.

Winston works in the Records Department in the Ministry of Truth, rewriting and distorting history, under the dictator Big Brother.

But Winston is determined to remain human under inhuman circumstances and begins a diary. Yet telescreens are placed everywhere — in his home, in his cubicle at work, in the cafeteria where he eats, even in the bathroom stalls. His every move is watched. No place is safe.

One day, while at the mandatory Two Minutes Hate, Winston catches the eye of an Inner Party Member, O’Brien, whom he believes to be an ally. He also catches the eye of a dark-haired girl named Julia from the Fiction Department.

A few days later Julia secretly hands him a note that reads: “I love you.” Winston takes pains to meet her, and when they finally do, Julia draws up a plan whereby they can be alone.

Once alone in the countryside, Winston and Julia make love and begin their allegiance against the Party and Big Brother. They fall in love, and, while they know that they will someday be caught, they believe that the love and loyalty they feel for each other can never be taken from them.

Eventually, Winston and Julia confess to O’Brien, whom they believe to be a member of the Brotherhood (an underground organization aimed at bringing down the Party), their hatred of the Party.

O’Brien welcomes them into the Brotherhood with an array of questions and arranges for Winston to be given a copy of “the book,” the underground’s treasonous volume written by their leader, Emmanuel Goldstein.

Winston gets the book and takes it to the secure room where he reads it with Julia napping by his side. The two are disturbed by a noise behind a painting in the room and discover a telescreen. They are quickly dragged away and separated.

Winston finds himself deep inside the Ministry of Love, a prison with no windows, where he sits for days alone. Finally, O’Brien comes. Initially Winston believes that O’Brien has also been caught, but he soon realizes that O’Brien is there to torture him and break his spirit.

O’Brien spends the next few months torturing Winston in order to change his way of thinking — to employ the concept of doublethink, or the ability to simultaneously hold two opposing ideas in one’s mind and believe in them both.

Finally, O’Brien takes Winston to Room 101, the most dreaded room of all in the Ministry of Love, the place where prisoners meet their greatest fear. Winston’s greatest fear is rats. O’Brien places over Winston’s head a mask made of wire mesh and threatens to open the door to release rats on Winston’s face.

When Winston screams, “Do it to Julia!” he relinquishes his last vestige of humanity.

Winston is a changed man. He sits in the Chestnut Tree Café, watching the telescreens and agonizing over the results of daily battles on the front lines. He has seen Julia again. She, too, is changed, seeming older and less attractive. She admits that she also betrayed him. In the end, there is no doubt, Winston loves Big Brother.

Today, the year 1984 has long passed, but Orwell’s futuristic vision of hell on Earth remains.

Big Brother is now everywhere

Mainstream newspapers and TV channels feed us daily propaganda – the “facts” the Establishment wish us to believe
CCTV cameras are on every street corner and inside every store – yet we never know who is monitoring them
Number Plate Recognition cameras are installed at almost every filling station and car park
Sat Nav satellites pick-up every move of our car, van or truck
Cookies and spyware follow every finger click we make on our PC or tablet
Police DNA and fingerprint databases have more than 30% of adults logged on their files
MSN, Messenger text messages and private phone calls are harvested by government snoopers at GCHQ
Our employment, financial and residential history is catalogued in the finest detail by so-called credit reference agencies such as Equifax and Experian
Our lives are no longer secret… Big Brother knows all of us.

Which brings me back to beginning…

I stare again at the news item and in something which can only be described as Nineteen Eighty-Four meets Black Mirror the headline reads: Implanting Microchips for Convenience.

The article explains how plans are already being rolled out to implant a tiny microchip in people’s hand which could eventually replace the need for credit cards, car keys and much more.

And this dystopian world is almost upon us right now.

Micro-chipping is almost routine at the Swedish start-up hub Epicenter. The company offers to implant its workers and start-up members with microchips the size of grains of rice that function as swipe cards: to open doors, operate printers, or buy smoothies with a wave of the hand.

The injections have become so popular that workers at Epicenter hold parties for those willing to get implanted.

“The biggest benefit I think is convenience,” said Patrick Mesterton, co-founder and CEO of Epicenter.

As a demonstration, he unlocks a door by merely waving near it.

“It basically replaces a lot of things you have, other communication devices, whether it be credit cards or keys,” he explains.

The technology in itself is not new.

Such chips are used as virtual collar plates for pets. Companies use them to track deliveries. It’s just never been used to tag employees on a broad scale before.

Epicenter and a handful of other companies are the first to make chip implants broadly available.

While biologically safe, the data generated by the chips can show how often an employee comes to work or what they buy. Unlike company swipe cards or smartphones, which can generate the same data, a person cannot easily separate themselves from the chip.

“Of course, putting things into your body is quite a big step to do and it was even for me at first,” said Mr Mesterton, remembering how he initially had had doubts.

“But then on the other hand, I mean, people have been implanting things into their body, like pacemakers and stuff to control your heart,” he said. “That’s a way, way more serious thing than having a small chip that can actually communicate with devices.”

Epicenter, which is home to more than 100 companies and some 2,000 workers, began implanting workers in January 2015. Now, about 150 workers have them.

A company based in Belgium also offers its employees such implants.

And last year a company in Wisconsin has become the first in the USA to roll out microchip implants for all its employees.

The initiative, which is optional for employees at snack stall supplier Three Square Market (32M), implants radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips in staff members’ hands in between their thumb and forefinger.

Once tagged with the implant 32M says its employees will be able to perform a range of common office tasks with an effortless wave of their hand.

“We foresee the use of RFID technology to drive everything from making purchases in our office break room market, opening doors, use of copy machines, logging into our office computers, unlocking phones, sharing business cards, storing medical/health information, and used as payment at other RFID terminals,” says 32M CEO, Todd Westby.

The chips make use of near-field communication (NFC), and are similar to ones already in use in things like contactless credit cards, mobile payment systems, and animal tag implants.

“It will happen to everybody,” says Noelle Chesley, 49, associate professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

“But not this year, maybe not my generation, but certainly that of my kids.”

But Gene Munster, an analyst at Loup Ventures, thinks embedded chips in human bodies is 50 years away.

“The idea of being chipped has too “much negative connotation today,” he says, but by 2067 “we will have been desensitized by the social stigma.”

So the next time your child has to stand in-line for an eye recognition device to pay for their school dinner, or the next time you use your finger print to log into your iPhone, remember the Isle of Jura and George Orwell’s words of warning.

Big Brother is watching you.


Big Brother

well well well police officer admits being part of South Wales paedophile ring

police officer admits being part of South Wales paedophile ring, court hears
Court hears transcript of internet chat room discussions inspector had with other men
13:25, 27 OCT 2011UPDATED09:21, 16 MAY 2018
Geraint Lloyd Evans has admited being part of a paedophile ring in Wales
Geraint Lloyd Evans has admited being part of a paedophile ring in Wales
A POLICE inspector was part of a South Wales paedophile ring which regularly met online to discuss how they could abuse children under 13, a court has heard.

In the first case of its kind in South Wales, Geraint Lloyd Evans, 47, of Purdey Close, Barry, who was formerly stationed at Bridgend Police Station, admitted conspiring to incite engagement in unlawful sexual activity with a child under 13.


How to protect your children online


And at Swansea Crown Court, Evans, now no longer with South Wales Police, also admitted possessing more than 170 extreme pornography images, including bestiality.


Police raided married Evans’ home last year and found computer equipment containing the indecent images and logs of child sex chat room discussions he had with other men.

The 47-year-old former officer, bailed to an address in Manor Drive, Coychurch, Bridgend, will be sentenced later this year along with three others.

Evans worked for many years in the force’s central division – which included Barry and Bridgend – and had his bail conditions altered so he could report once a week rather than twice to Bridgend Police Station as it was “distressing” for him to report to his former police station.

Evans entered his guilty pleas on Tuesday before the brief trial of chartered surveyor Keith Bold, 47, of Skewen, Neath, who was today found guilty of encouraging Evans to sexually assault a child under 13.


John Hipkin, prosecuting, said it was not necessary for the crown to prove a child had actually been abused. He said the case was about encouragement to do so.

Bold, who denied the offence, was already serving a 28-month sentence for possessing and distributing child sex images.

Police found 6,788 static images at his home, including 272 images intended for sharing with other internet users via a website.

Amongst the images intended for sharing were 60 images at level five and 69 at level four.

On a scale of one to five, five is the most serious.

During Bold’s three day trial, the jury heard a transcript of chilling chat room discussions Evans, then a serving police inspector, had with Bold.

One went:


Evans: “Are you interested in meeting at my friend’s house in Caerphilly?”

Bold: “Yes, I think it could be cool.”

Evans: “I think we could have a great time.”

Bold: “I wish we could have some young to play with.”

Evans: “That could be an option.”

Bold: “How?”

Evans: “My mate has some pervy mates who could oblige but only once they know you’re genuine.”

Mr Hipkin told the jury there was no doubt from the crown’s point of view that “young” referred to children under 13.

He added that Evans did have a friend who lived near Caerphilly.

Patrick Griffiths, for Bold, said his client’s defence was that his online discussions with the police inspector were pure fantasy.

But the jury’s unanimous verdict meant they felt Bold intended Evans to carry out child abuse.

As well as the possession of extreme pornography, Evans admitted encouraging Bold to commit sex abuse on a child and conspiring with Leslie Ronald Asser, 54, of Wilton Post Office, Ross-on-Wye, to encourage another man to commit sex abuse on a child.

Asser has admitted the conspiracy charge with Evans plus a second charge of encouraging a man to commit child sex abuse.

A fourth defendant, Wayne Barnes, 50, of Old Road, Neath, has admitted encouraging a man to commit child sex abuse.

Judge Paul Thomas said today the four would all be sentenced together later this year after background reports were drawn up.


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not a pervert no way …nope

Ex-TV presenter John Leslie ‘put his hand down tutu-wearing woman’s trousers as she danced with him on her hen night’

  • Ex-TV presenter was arrested over allegations he touched a woman’s bottom 
  • Court hears the woman was dancing with Leslie when he allegedly touched her
  • The 53-year-old former TV presenter denies the claims and is now on trial 
  • She said it had impacted on her relationship with her husband, friends and work
  • Leslie’s DNA and that of two others were on her trousers but not her tutu or pants

John Leslie arrives at court in Edinburgh today two face trial for sexual assault

Former TV presenter John Leslie put his hand down a woman’s trousers as they danced on her hen night, a court has heard.

The woman, who can not be identified, was on a hen party at Atik nightclub in Edinburgh last June when the alleged sexual assault took place.

She said she saw Leslie when they entered the club and recognised him from television, particularly Blue Peter.

Leslie, 53, was arrested after she went to police and went on trial at Edinburgh Sheriff Court today.

Leslie, appearing under his real name John Stott, denies putting his hand under the woman’s clothing and touching her bare bottom.

The woman was the first to give evidence and said she had spoken to Leslie during the night about football, some of his ex-girlfriends and speculation he could appear in TV programme Celebrity Big Brother.

While dancing with friends and a stag party later in the night she said Leslie approached her and said ‘Be careful, you’re getting married’.

She said she thought he was being ‘protective’ and suggested they dance together.

Leslie had a hand on her waist and she had a hand on his shoulder, the court heard.

The woman said: ‘We’d been going in circles then he pulled me closer. I did feel uncomfortable but thought I was maybe reading too much into it.’

She went on to get married and told the court the incident had impacted on her relationship with her husband.

It is alleged that Leslie put his hand on a woman's bottom in Atik nightclub in Edinburgh

It is alleged that Leslie put his hand on a woman’s bottom in Atik nightclub in Edinburgh

She said she gave her friend ‘a look’ to make her aware she was uncomfortable, adding: ‘After that I felt his hand go down my trousers at the back.

‘I didn’t know how to react. I made even more of a look to my friend because I knew I needed to be out of that situation.’

She said Leslie touched her skin but was not sure if he had put his hand beneath her underwear.

Once a friend pulled her away the woman told the court that she danced briefly with her hen party to ‘pretend it hadn’t happened’.

She added: ‘But then I got really upset so moved to the booth. I asked my friend something like ‘why did he think he could do that or what did I do to make him do that?’

She went outside with a friend and her sister-in-law who said they should tell someone, the court heard.

She said they told a female bouncer and later a police officer at the nightclub who took her to a station to make a statement.

Leslie, appearing under his real name John Stott, denies putting his hand under the woman's clothing

Leslie, appearing under his real name John Stott, denies putting his hand under the woman’s clothing

CCTV of the pair dancing in the busy club was played to the court and the woman said it could not be seen exactly when the alleged incident happened.

Asked by fiscal depute Fiona Nairn how she feels now, the woman said it had impacted on her relationship with her husband, friends and work.

She said: ‘It’s been one of the toughest years of my life when it should have been the happiest.’

Defence lawyer Derek Ogg QC reviewed the CCTV with the woman and said ‘we don’t see a hand going under [clothing] or coming out’.

Mr Ogg put it to the woman the CCTV footage showed the dance with Leslie ended ‘voluntarily’ rather than with a friend’s intervention.

She said: ‘That’s not how I see it. I just wanted out of that situation.’

It was also established that the woman was taken home by two police officers and given paper bags to place her clothing in with no forensic protocol in place.

Forensic scientist Sandra Coupar-White told the court she examined the woman’s trousers, pants and tutu for potential DNA.

She said a mixed profile was found on the trouser waistband likely made up of touch DNA from the woman, Leslie and two other ‘minor contributors’.

She told Ms Nairn that DNA could be passed indirectly from holding hands during by dancing but said direct contact with the inside of the waistband was more likely.

The results from the pants and tutu were inconclusive, Ms Coupar-White said.

Mr Ogg questioned if it was possible for Leslie’s DNA to be passed from one item of clothing to another.

The witness said: ‘Secondary transfer is possible.’

The trial before Sheriff Adrian Cottam continues on Friday.

Mayor of Godalming is jailed for nine years for sex with 13-year-old girl

Mayor of Godalming is jailed for nine years for sex with 13-year-old girl – who even shared bed with him and his wife – after telling arresting police: ‘Do know who I am?

  • Former Mayor of Godalming Simon Thornton, 46, has been jailed for nine years
  • When arrested in 2017 Mr Thornton was the town mayor in Godalming, Surrey 
  • Thornton abused a girl for three years and even made her sleep in his marital bed
Ex-Tory councillor Simon Thornton told police who arrested him: 'You know I am the Mayor of Godalming?

Ex-Tory councillor Simon Thornton told police who arrested him: ‘You know I am the Mayor of Godalming?

A former Mayor and conservative councillor has been jailed for abusing a teenage girl who he forced to sleep in bed with him and his wife during the three years he abused her.

Simon Thornton was jailed for nine years on Monday after a judge heard how he used the thirteen-year-old girl as a sex object.

The court also heard that 46-year-old Thornton, Mayor of Godalming in Surrey between 2006 and 2009, told police who arrested him: ‘You know I am the Mayor?’

Thornton admitted 22 charges involving having sexual relations with the girl when she was between the ages of 13 and 15. He denied two other counts of paying for sex and producing child pornography.

Balding Thornton sat in the dock as the judge listed a litany of offences involving sex with a girl ‘weekly’ over a three year period.

The court heard how Thornton had begun grooming the girl from her 13th birthday, buying her phones, picking her up from school and inviting her to his work and home whenever possible.

Thornton and the girl established a routine involving texting one another a code, as well as taking any opportunity to have sex with her, including on occasion, at his work at a butcher’s shop, in his van, or on a local common.

The court described how Thornton went to great lengths to ‘normalise’ his behaviour, including having the girl sleep in bed beside him and his now ex-wife.

The judge at Guildford Crown Court also heard how during the relationship, Thornton had seized upon the opportunity to produce multiple indecent images and videos of his victims, ranging from category C, B and to A, the worst category.

The prosecution said that initially upon being arrested Thornton told officers that the claim had only been made as the victim was trying to win a competition he was judging in his capacity as Mayor.

In a statement, the victim described how she believed she loved Thornton and how it was only after confiding in a school friend, she eventually came to realise this behaviour was wrong.

The statement said: ‘I did not like being at home, so I started staying at Simon’s as often as I could.

Former town mayor Simon Thornton arriving at Guildford Crown Court with his new partner before being jailed for nine years for child abuse 

Former town mayor Simon Thornton arriving at Guildford Crown Court with his new partner before being jailed for nine years for child abuse

‘He was a kind and generous man and I felt safe and cared for. I thought I loved Simon, he never made me feel scared or vulnerable.

‘At the age of 15 I confided in a friend. He told me to tell my mother, who was dismissive. Since then I have lacked self-respect for myself which has caused me to make poor decisions. I was forced to grow up too quickly and I have suffered depression.’

The victim only contacted police after meeting with Thornton in adulthood, at which point he attempted to reminisce with her, by showing her a video he had filmed of them during their relationship.

Thornton’s defence counsel argued that Thornton himself had suffered a loss of his own childhood, having attended a remedial school and having been diagnosed with dyslexia.

However, Judge Robert Fraser told the defendant, whose address was given as Abraham Close, Bordon, Hants: ‘She stayed at your house which gave you the opportunity to abuse her and you used this to have sex with her at least once a week.

‘She said she felt safe and secure in your company and her statement sets out very clearly how she almost viewed you as family.

‘You made a show of being a man of the community but the fact is, you exploited this girl and robbed her of her early teens, you have forever blighted her life.’

Surrey Police constable Tamzin Ede said: ‘Simon Thornton displayed predatory behaviour to abuse a child for a prolonged period. He clearly believed he would get away with this offending given how long it carried on and has now rightly been jailed for his abhorrent crimes.

‘Simon Thornton’s crimes have impacted the victim through her childhood and into adult life, the offending against her have caused low confidence, depression and difficulties in building new trusted relationships.

‘The victim in this case has shown real courage in reporting and supporting the police investigation.

‘This case is one of many that we investigate in the Sexual Offences Investigation Team where we have highly trained and specialist officers who everyday support victims of sexual offences and investigate offences.

‘I hope that today’s sentencing encourages victims of sexual offences, whether recent or in the past to come forward and report offences.’

L8in North Wales And More Home » Friends. » Dean Harris – Rochford — The UK & Ireland Database

Home » Friends. » Dean Harris – Rochford — The UK & Ireland Database

Dean Harris – Rochford — The UK & Ireland Database

June 2018 Pervert drugged child and filmed his crime A paedophile who filmed himself drugging and raping a young child has been jailed for at least 18 years. Dean Harris was arrested after he shared the video on an adult chat site with a woman so disgusted she sent it to the police. Officers investigating […]

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Terrified boy, 10, keeps asking mum ‘what did they want me for?’ after suspected child abduction

Alfie Smedley, 10, has been ‘jumpy’ since a white van pulled up beside him and the two men inside told him to ‘get in’

Jemma Smedley, 39, said her son had been followed by a van with two men who told him to ‘get in’ (Image: Jemma Smedley/BPM Media)

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A 10-year-old boy was left in hysterics after he was shouted at and told to get into the back of a van by two strangers who tried to kidnap him, according to his mum.

Alfie Smedley could not stop sobbing and asked his mum: “What did they want me for?” after his ordeal in Derby last night.

Now his mother , Jemma Smedley says she believes her son’s innocence has been “lost”.

The incident happened at around 6pm in Derby when he was playing on his bike in a park with friends.

Jemma told the Derby Telegraph : “He told me that he was speeding along on his bike. After coming from the park, he pulled out in front of his friends.

“A white van pulled up and there were two men inside. One man who looked in his 40s and a younger man in his 20s in the passenger seat.

“Alfie said the man on the passenger side shouted at him and said: ‘Get in the van now’, and Alfie just shouted back: ‘No’ and rode off.

Alfie could not stop sobbing since the attempted abduction (Image: Jemma Smedley/BPM Media)

“He said he was really worried because the van went past him and indicated to pull over. At that point, his friends were catching up to him and the van sped off.

She said that she was “one foot out of the door” when she had heard what happened and ran to Cotmanhay Park.

She was greeted by numerous police cars and riot vans. Officers were speaking to children to get as much information as possible.

Jemma added: “Normally Alfie is such a sweet and calm boy who is a bit feisty sometimes but when I saw him, he was in bits.

“He just couldn’t stop sobbing and, throughout most of the night, he was asking me ‘What did they want me for?’ and as a parent, you shouldn’t need to explain why or what they wanted him for.

“This all took place on my front door step. Unfortunately, it happened to my son but there were so many other children at the park, it could have happened to any of them.

“Any other child and their parent could be in the same position as I am right now telling you this story. All I hope is that parents are aware what has happened.

“It’s tough as well because you want to wrap them up and keep them safe but, as a parent, you know you can’t do that”.

Alfie’s mum says his innocence has been lost (Image: Jemma Smedley/BPM Media)

Alfie’s mum said that he spent most of the night “terrified” and “jumpy” but was grateful for all the people who shared her post on social media warning about stranger danger .

More than 900 people have shared Jemma’s post and she has said that she’s “incredibly thankful” for the support she has received.

She said: “I’ve been having people I don’t know message me and ask how Alfie is and sending them their best wishes. It’s been so nice.” also said that Derbyshire police were “amazing” as they consoled Alfie and tried to get as much information about the incident. She is also hopeful that CCTV will catch those responsible.

She added: “The police weren’t able to get any CCTV but I hope on Monday they’ll get it and then we’ll have an idea of what the van looked like and a registration.

“Police asked Alfie if he knew the registration but he was so shocked by what happened, he didn’t pay attention.

“At that time, you’d think that would be the most obvious thing to do but when you in that position, it doesn’t cross your mind”.

Derbyshire police confirmed that they were investigating an “incident” yesterday evening but would not say anything more.

Child abuse: the wider picture


Sunday, 17 June 2018

Child abuse: the wider picture

UK Column News (12 June 2018) reported on an observer`s account of the police and public`s conduct at the demonstration against the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson: 

`Policing effort for the size of the demonstration was very small and it is suggested this was because there was no police intel for planned violence.`
`Police mixed freely with the crowd in their normal uniforms.`  

`Black people, old people and children were mixing freely amongst the crowd.`

`The very limited violence arose around `snatch` incidents and/or with very small number of aggressive `hooligans`.

`The crowds were watched from police control CCTV centres.`

`Forward Intelligence Officers in blue were tasked with apprehending individuals considered to create trouble – they were supported by plain clothed Territorial Support Group officers amongst the crowd.`

`Arrests would need to be under Section 9 of magistrates Court Act with appropriate notes for arrest and de-arrest.`

Brian Gerrish added: “And somebody could be arrested and then de-arrested later. Possibly that happened to the gentleman who was in the video that we`ve just looked at … And anybody who was handcuffed would be in accordance with Section 117 of the PACE.”

Mike Robinson: “Well that`s where the handcuffing happens without there actually being an arrest. So Section 117 … gives the power of limited force, I suppose…”

Bian Gerrish: “In order to restrain.”

“Yes. .. Right OK.”

“So a number of things going on there, but we felt it appropriate, now that a little time has gone on, we`ve had more information, to report on what seems to take place in that demonstration. And of course very little reporting in the so-called mainstream media.”

“But something quite exceptional took place during the demonstration and we understand that a young lady handed out at least two thousand leaflets in which she was encouraging people to be aware of John Wedger and the excellent information he`s given about the cover-up of child abuse and, of course, that child abuse is not simply Asian child abuse, it extends to – well a full spectrum of people.”

“So this letter has come from a group calling themselves `Political Blackout`. They`re on Facebook if you want to find them. And so the leaflet highlighting John Wedger, a former Scotland Yard CID officer, as they put it, `blowing the whistle on what is going on within the police regarding child sex trafficking here in the UK`. The leaflet says: `What you`re reading is correct. Our establishment i.e the political elite are complicit with these grooming gangs. This is the reason why there`s the media blackout. It`s in order not to protect Tommy, not to protect us, not to protect the grooming gangs, but to protect them, the establishment`. And this is the key point. This is what I find particularly pleasing about this, because the target is correct here.”

Brian Gerrish: “Yes absolutely. So we were very encouraged to hear this because it means that the message is now getting out that if we`re going to solve what`s going on with the grooming gangs then we`ve got to look at the establishment, the political establishment, the wider establishment, which are facilitating; they are allowing this to happen; but they`re covering it up.”

“And on this very subject we received a call as we were preparing the news this morning telling us that there`s been another case in South Yorkshire of a – now we`ll say a young girl – previously an under-age girl who reported rape in a family situation. The police turned up at the door; they simply asked the older man if he did it. He said: `No` and that is the end of it. The man was not taken in for formal questioning. The police just said to him: `Well, did you rape her or not?` He said: `No of course not guv,` and the police then walked away. And the family members who are of course supporting the rape victim herself … they actually don`t have any words, Mike, because they cannot believe how the police can do this. But of course this is exactly what was happening with the Asian grooming gangs. So we`ve got the same sort of response from the police, simply continuing.”

“And we`ll add to that within the South Yorkshire police area as well we`ve got another ongoing court case that we cannot report on in detail but we can tell you the judge has refused to allow a video with evidence of child abuse to be entered into court. So we have a video which is about a child being abused; the judge has simply said: `I`m not allowing that evidence into court` and he`s then running a case where the key evidence can`t be shown in court. Now of course the guidance from the family law division is that `the interests of the child are paramount` but apparently not in this particular family law case. And of course no press, no members of the public, but the judge solving the problem of rape and child abuse by saying, `Well if I don`t see the evidence then I think we can run this court in a satisfactory way`.”

“I`ll add to that, that in that particular case we`ve had connivance from the local authority, their social services, their child protection unit and Cafcass and the legal teams because they have all had copies of the video showing the abuse. So at the moment Mike we have a cover-up through all those individuals and this is the reason for people to be aware that if we focus on one area of the community we miss the root cause of the problem which is the wider political establishment closing ranks to cover up child abuse.”

“And a big thank you to our viewer who sent us a copy of this very interesting letter…. This has been produced by Baroness Goldie and she was asked a question in the House of Lords, wasn`t able to answer it at the time, so she responds…”

“It says:”

 `Dear Molly, During the debate on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill on Monday 30 April, you raised a point on the subject of what enforceable child protection measures will be in place once we are no longer an EU member state…`  

`Let me reassure you that the UK meets its obligations under the UNCRC through a mixture of legislative and policy initiatives. For example, in England, the rights and best interests of children are protected through the Children Act 1989, the Adoption and Children Act 2002 and the Children Act 2004, as well as other legislative and administrative measures. If a public body is not acting in accordance with the relevant legislation they may be challenged by way of judicial review in the normal way through the courts. Existing remedies are available if a court finds that the legislation or a policy is contrary to normal public law principles or there has been a breach of the legislation.` 

`The UK`s exit from the EU will not affect the protection of children`s rights in accordance with the UNCRC as these are already protected through existing domestic legislation and administrative measures.` 

`I hope you find this letter helpful…`

“Well isn`t it astonishing Mike that we`ve just talked about just one case going on in Yorkshire at the moment where the state is absolutely not protecting children. We`ve warned, of course, about the number of children disappearing from the care system. We`ve warned about the disappearance of Syrian children but we`ve got the former leader of the conservatives in Scotland saying, `Don`t worry the British state has got it all under control`.”

“And if you wonder what she was referring to well here is the document… So this is the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child [UNCRC] and this is a summary sheet. But it`s quite interesting to have a look at what they`re talking about here. One of the things it says, I notice, article 36 top right: `Other forms of exploitation. Governments must protect children from all other forms of exploitation. For example, the exploitation of children for political activities by the media, or for medical research`. Just caught my eye that one. How interesting that the government is involved in all those things to start off with, never mind more direct abuse. What they set out very clearly is that children should be protected from abuse in all its forms. Children should be allowed to speak out. Children in care should be allowed to see their families. Children should not be tortured. Virtually every one of the major rules we can now say that the UK government is breaching those rules. But within the House of Lords clearly clueless as to what is really going on.”

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